New innovations disclosed in page requests on tickets on the official site.


Activated the Advance Tickets Physical

The most important change is of course Advance physics, understood as the ability to purchase the advance online through a physical store. There will be the opportunity to buy the ticket directly, but you can purchase a pre-sale through an online store that accepts cash or debit cards so (as the advance online only accepts credit cards and prepaid probably).

The list of sales outlets is the circuit Vivaticket. They may be included other stores, but the official site reserves the right to inform possibly on his page.

The types of ticket are identical to those of the online advance, both in cost, time, etc. 


Table cities and times for the shuttle

In this update were released the city and travel hours of the various shuttle.

City provided by the service:

Altopascio, Arezzo, Carrara, Casello Valdichiana,  Empoli, Firenze, Forte dei Marmi, Grosseto, Livorno, Marina di Massa, Motecatini Terme, Pistoia,  Pontedera, Prato,  Siena, Viareggio. 




Shuttle 1:

  • Firenze (Largo Alinari) 7.30
  • Empoli (Stazione FS) 8.10
  • Pontedera (Cineplex, Loc. La Bianca) 8.40
    • Lucca 9.30.

Shuttle 2:

  • Firenze (Largo Alinari) 7.30
  • Prato (Tribunale) 8.00
  • Pistoia (Breda) 8.30
  • Montecatini Terme (Stazione FS-Piazzale Italia) 8.50
  • Altopascio 9.10
    • Lucca 9.30.

Shuttle circolare:

  • Montecatini Terme (Stazione FS-Piazzale Italia) 10.50
  • Montecatini Terme (Stazione FS-Piazzale Italia) 12.50.

Shuttle 3:

  • Grosseto (Stazione FS) 7.00
  •  Livorno (Ipercoop) 8.30
  •  Pisa (Corte Sanac – Aurelia) 9.00
    • Lucca 9.45.

Shuttle 4:

  • Carrara (fiera) 7.30
  • Marina di Massa (Lungomare, angolo viale della Repubblica) 8.00
  • Forte dei Marmi (pontile) 8.20
  • Viareggio (piazza d’Azelio) 9.00
    • Lucca 9.30.

Shuttle 5:

  • Siena (Stazione FS) 7.00
  • Casello Valdichiana 7.30
  • Arezzo (Stazione FS) 8.10
    • Lucca 9.45.



All shuttle (departing from Lucca from the same point): Thursday 18:00, Friday 18:00, Saturday 20:00, Sunday 18:00.

 The shuttle service does not provide for other Italian regions, but you can choose to make use of external services as organized trips to Lucca of our site or services sponsored the official site Happy Bus Tour and Exclusive.

 If you purchase a subscription to “Jump on the Shuttle”, with the additional charge of € 10, you can not have gone in a day and return to another? NO, 10 € shuttle for return the same day.


Comitiva tickets, online reservations

From the official website it has been called the new methodology for groups that passes as online method rather than reservation.

Groups ticket in “Print@Home” [Min 20 persons] [ONLY ticket online] [ticket bound per day]
[From 15:00 of the first week  to 12 October – while the limit] [ONLY Individual tickets]
To “group” means a group of at least 20 people headed by a chief-party that will buy online. The group leader can then buy only through the mode “Print@Home” a package group. You will then receive an email with the virtual ticket groups to print and present the ticket to Lucca. The will then be given the number of tickets and wristbands agreed, more free tickets.
From 2015 it is no longer possible to buy tickets in “party” by writing or calling the Organization of Lucca Comics & Games.
You can NOT buy subscriptions, only individual tickets



Entry for Handicap: details 

The visitor who needs to move a wheelchair has free access to the pavilions and all areas open to the public, regardless of day.

His companion (one) has access with reduced ticket: this ticket can be purchased in the same way of purchase of discount tickets (see above).

For visitors in wheelchairs (and only them), no need to obtain a particular type of ticket or pass or certificate: will simply show up at the entrance of the various pavilions and ask the employees to be able to access the interior, along the right accompanist provided with reduced ticket. Both visitors in wheelchairs is their companion are still subject to the general safety measures that apply to all visitors and throughout the event (for example: the remaining availability of seats in a movie theater, the capacity is reached up to a certain hall): we recommend that, as to all visitors, to take account of any code or can exceptional turnout in certain places or events.

It ‘will be a restricted access in Hall Carducci (Lucca Games). In the other halls and spaces dedicated to the event, there are no lanes, even if our employees to the inputs will try to do everything possible to facilitate access.



Other small details have emerged in the information:

  • For the type “print @ home” until 15:00 on 1 November.
  • Reduced for the train ticket DELETED, it will not be accepted.
  • For the type Salta la fila,, Buying more tickets or season does not affect the charge of 5 € which is related to the delivery and not the content.