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Terms and Conditions

Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities (“Statement”, “Terms” or “DDR”) for users and visitors

This Agreement has been drawn up in Italian (Italy). In case of conflict between any translated versions of this Agreement and the Italian language version , the latter will prevail.

last revision: September 30, 2017


Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities


  1. Sharing content and information

    1. The user is the owner of all the content he publishes (both graphic and textual). Alternatively, you may have a proxy to publish from the owner of these content. For all third-party content, you must be authorized for commercial use (and if you modify them before entering commercial and editorial use), otherwise you have purchased the rights copyright for this type of media (the website).
      Third-party content that is shared with iframes (video example, article links, twitter badges etc.) follow the rules for sharing on the network.
    2. When a user registered to the site or comments publishes a content, automatically authorizing the site and third-party services listed in the privacy to publish content on their site and third party services with which they share content (example share on fb). It also authorizes the site to use content for web and paper communications to advertise. You are virtually licensed from a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to the LuccaFan site, which can be licensed as royalty-free, worldwide royalty-free for any Content published on LuccaFan.
    3. The user does not have permission to publish:

      1. Unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on LuccaFan.
      2. Viruses or other malicious codes.
      3. Content that denigrates, intimidates, or harasses other users or people in general terms.
      4. Content that instigates racism, hatred, violence, illegal acts or miners.
      5. Content with images of violent or no violence, with bare images (exception to the limit are erotic comics that can be accepted if suitable for a major audience of 14 years).
      6. Do not use content for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes.
      7. Do not post content that violates third party rights or existing laws.
    4. The granted license ends when you delete your account or Content in your account unless these content has been shared with third parties and that they have not been deleted. When the user deletes Content, they are deleted similarly to when you empty the trash can of your computer. However, the removed content may be stored as backup copies for a certain period of time (though not visible to others).
      When the user publishes content or information, you must keep in mind that they will be visible to everyone, even to people who are not registered with LuccaFan, so this information will be associated with their profile (or name and image).
    5. In standstills and organized travels, company, private, association information must be truthful and must be the owner or have the authority to publish this data.
    6. The LuccaFan site is not responsible for the contents that are published by the user, and is obliged to make any checks on them. You agree to take any responsibility for any graphic or textual content posted on the site, without liability to the site and its staff.
  1. Security and privacy

    1. The LuccaFan site seeks to stay up-to-date in online security but can not guarantee the complete invulnerability of its site and third-party services.
    2. The LuccaFan site invites every user to be the first security filter using strong passwords, including only the essential content for using the site.
    3. Each user and visitor must follow the following security rules:
      1. Do not collect content or information from users.
      2. Use only the official registration system and login to LuccaFan, do not use different tools (such as bots, robots, spiders or scraper). Some services may have permission from the data collection site (example google analytics for counting visits).
      3. Do not undertake illegal multi-level marketing actions, such as pyramid schemes, on site.
      4. Do not try to get access information or access other users’ accounts.
      5. Do not use the site for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes.
      6. Do not undertake actions that may prevent, overburden, or compromise the correct functioning or appearance of LuccaFan, such as a service denial attack or other disturbance actions that interfere with the rendering of pages or other site services.
      7. Do not encourage or encourage any violation of this Declaration or our regulations.
    4. You agree that your personal data will be transferred and processed at the LuccaFan site server site. (for more information read the privacy of the site).
  2. Registration and account security

    1. LuccaFan’s user has the right to provide only the data strictly necessary for registration (email and username). They are set with an asterisk. No official information will be required except in the case of future payment methods.
      Only in the case of payment systems, a series of real person information will be required.

    2. The user has the obligation not to declare the false in the registration or modification of the profile, so if you want to avoid giving any information, just leave the voting field. There are exceptions to future payment systems where additional real information will be required.

    3. You can not use other people’s personal data (without delegation), you do not accept identity thefts of people or businesses.

    4. Minors can register at the site under the supervision of a guardian.
    5. Do not share your password or allow others to access your account or perform any other action that could jeopardize your account’s security.

    6. Do not ask for specific user names for your account, which have already been assigned to other users earlier.

  3. Protection of Third Party Rights

    1. LuccaFan respects the rights of third parties and expects the user to do the same:
      1. It is forbidden to publish or execute actions on LuccaFan which constitute a violation of third party rights or laws in any way.
      2. We reserve the right to remove any content or information that users publish on LuccaFan whenever it is deemed that they violate this Declaration.
      3. If we have deleted the content because it is considered to be in violation of third-party copyright, and the user who posted them believes that there has been an error, you have the opportunity to submit a request for control of the action taken and property of the actual rights.
      4. If you repeatedly violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, LuccaFan will disable your account whenever you feel it is appropriate.
      5. You are not authorized to use LuccaFan’s copyright or trademarks (including LuccaFan, LuccaFan logos and other materials produced by LuccaFan) or similar symbols that may be confused, unless expressly permitted after obtaining our written consent.
      6. If the user collects information from other users, he or she commits to: obtaining their permission, specify that he / she (and not LuccaFan) collects the information, and publish a Privacy Policy that explains what information collects and how uses.
      7. It is forbidden to publish LuccaFan sensitive identity documents or financial information.
  4. Cell phones and other devices

    1. The mobile services we currently provide are free, but the normal tariffs of phone operators will still be charged.
    2. You must provide your consent and all the rights necessary to allow users to synchronize their devices (including an application) with any information that is visible to them on LuccaFan.

  5. Payments

    1. There are no dedicated services.
  6. Changes

    1. This Statement may be modified at any time by the LuccaFan site, without notice to users.
  7. Resolution (in case of user violations)

    1. If your actions violate the form and substance of this Declaration or create legal risks for LuccaFan, we reserve the right to terminate LuccaFan’s services to you.
  8. Dispute

    1. Any claim, substantial right or dispute between you and LuccaFan arising out of this Declaration or use of the Site will be solved in a written or verbal discussion between the two parties; if you do not reach acceptable solutions, you will go through other ways. This Statement, as well as any dispute that may arise between the two parties, is governed by the laws of the Italian State, regardless of any conflicts in the law. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Italian State, in the event of disputes relating to such disputes.
    2. Disputes between you and third parties should not be put in the Luccafan dispute.
    3. In the event of claims arising out of or relating to the actions, content or information of the user on LuccaFan, you will be required to compensate us for and to insure against and against any damage, loss or expense (including costs and costs legal proceedings) arising out of that complaint. Although we provide user behavior rules, we do not control or guide user actions on LuccaFan and are not responsible for the content or information that users send or share on LuccaFan. We are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise regrettable information or content present on LuccaFan. We are not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user on LuccaFan.

    4. You agree to use the LuccaFan site as it is provided. And accepts the risks of possible vulnerabilities. It also accepts third-party content.
  9. definitions

    1. LuccaFan means a set of features and services for users, either via the website or other sites of LuccaFan, via co-branded (including subdomains, international and mobile versions, and widgets). In addition to future elements.
    2. “Information” and “Content” are understood to mean all that users publish on LuccaFan, including graphic or physical information (such as personal data, company data).

    3. The term “publishing” means the act of publishing something on LuccaFan or making available an element via LuccaFan.

    4. The term “use” means the following: to use, copy, publicly perform or display, distribute, modify, translate and create derivative works.

    5. “Registered User” means a user who has accessed LuccaFan.

  10. Other

    1. This Statement constitutes the contract between the parties on LuccaFan and prevails over any prior agreement.

    2. If a part of this Statement is found to be unenforceable, the remainder will remain valid and will continue to take effect.

    3. Failure to apply any part of this Declaration is in no way a waiver.

    4. Any modification or waiver of this Declaration must be made by LuccaFan.

    5. You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations specified in this Declaration without our consent.

    6. All of our rights and obligations specified in this Declaration may be freely assigned to us in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of goods or through a legal transaction or other transaction.

    7. Nothing in this Declaration can prevent us from respecting the law.

    8. This Declaration does not confer any rights to third parties.

    9. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.


You agree to comply with all applicable rules each time you use or log in to LuccaFan

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