In September we made some structural and graphical changes:

  • Updating CMS: We updated the core of the operating system and all its extensions. This increases site security and also speed.
  • User Profile Changes: We’ve changed the user profile tree, eliminating the social system that was present before. We have estimated that this site is not suitable for creating a social community, but is more prepared to be an information site. That is why all social and community sections have been eliminated and replaced with a simple personal information profile. New commands are visible in the header bar.
  • Graphic User Interface Upgrade: The user bar has been improved graphically. The content is practically identical, but distributed in a much simpler way. Even the mobile version has been made more enjoyable in use, making full screen box.
  • Changes in the Scheduled Travel Schedules: While we solved the map issues of the organized travel section, we have arranged the layout of some of the elements in the structure.
  • Changed the newsletter system: we have been associated with another service. Recordings will be maintained; In addition, newsletters have been reduced to 2 typologies only. The old newsletter archive will be lost.
  • Events: The event section was disabled because it used an extension to the site that did not fit our needs. It will be restored in the future with dedicated items. In case of event reporting, you can use the Articles section and send one for review.
  • Site Menu: The site menus have been revised and revised. Primary sections have not changed, there was only a special cleansing of superfluous links.