About fifteen days have passed and the organization of the fair, Lucca Crea, has released the official dates for the next year, 2019. There had been some doubts about the choice to continue using a formula for 5 days, even at because of the dates 2019 in which it is not possible to formulate days of bridge for the saints; but in the end the choice was made we always stay on the 5 days of the fair.

So for Lucca comics 2019 the dates are confirmed and go from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November 2019.


Furthermore, a provisional timetable was submitted until 2022.

The consolidated formula of the five days will be repeated for the next four years. Subject to the obvious verifications and annual confirmations, the next editions of Lucca Comics & Games until 2022 will also last five days. Here are the dates:

2019: Wednesday, October 30th – Sunday, November 3rd
2020: Wednesday 28 October – Sunday 1 November
2021: Thursday 28 October – Monday 1 November
2022: Friday, October 28th – Tuesday, November 1st



fonte: comunicato stampa Lucca C&G, articolo informativo badtaste.it