comics lucca cosplay


  • Date and time: Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1. Beginning at 14:00 and 19:00 estimated end.
  • Locations:
  • Joined:
    • Dates and times:
      • Pre-registration online mandatory until November 1 at 12:00.
      • Sign in Loco needed: no later than 12:30 with printed form and identity card (groups registered by one representative).
    • Registration limits:
      • The number of participants will be based on the total time available for the race. You can register on site as long as the total time of the performances (see point 8 of the Regulation) will not reach this limit. Each participant who is single / couple / trio / group will have a certain amount of time available, during which we will recite scenes invented, famous songs or parodies related to the character / s played / s, that is inclusive of time-input and output from the stage.
      • Participants can sign up and paraded in both sessions that comprise Lucca Cosplay, provided that you do not wear never and for no reason the same costume in both days of competition. Each participant will never and under any circumstances participate in interpreting the same day two or more different characters. Participants take note, together with the pre-registration online will be held, if caught in the act, responsible for any damage done to the stage and the equipment present.
  • Notes:
    • Groups: For reasons related to safety on stage is the maximum limit of 30 participants per group.
    • Participants will parade in the order in which you will be registered on-site. Saturday’s parade is divided by bands of types (singles, couples, gruppi..ecc) and the order refers to the echelon of belonging.