We remind you that general information on tickets can be found here.

For Lucca comics 2018 the fair decided to create a new type of tickets: Level UP. It’s kind of a nice VIP pass expensive to give additional services.

The official website quotes:

This year there is something new that will bring “the Lucca Comics & Games Experience” to an even higher level. This is the “Level Up”, a special limited edition ticket, which is much more than an entrance ticket: it is a treasure trove for 500 visitors who want to live even more closely, even faster and with greater relaxation the event, meet the authors in unique places of the city and the event, and do not miss any festival event.


We do not guarantee that the organization of the fair has organized this type of brietto and services for a foreign language audience. If you are interested it is advisable that you call the official ticket assistance:
Telephone +39 041 2719009. Call center hours: Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 19.00 – Saturday from 09.00 to 14.00 – Sunday closed.
Email: info (at) luccacomicsandgames.com or luccacomics (at) vivaticket.com


Here online bookingluccacomicsandgames.vivaticket.it


Purchase limits

As reported on the official website (where you find the bar of the purchase count) the limit is 500 tickets visible. While it is NOT REPORTED ON THE SITE that the purchase is until October 15, 2018 at 23.00.


What’s this

It’s a 5-day subscription (every fair day) with special powers! Only 500 will be issued, and the regular subscription adds a series of services and opportunities reserved for Level Up Fans.

You basically pay a high cost for very interesting services that we will show below. The concept is a personalized ticket (in fact it is nominative) that in addition to giving you access gives you the relaxation areas with coffee, an aperitif a day, meetings with selected guests, cloakroom, purchases, express courier, accessible toilets , queues and reserved entrances.

I think that the most captivating part of this package is the meeting with guests and the relaxation area with a mobile phone: I think there would be people who would jerk to meet his myth and I think a VIP would like the comfort that the poor mediocre visitors will never see.

Costs : 261,56 €

The cost of the ticket is € 250 and since it is purchased only online you have to add € 1.50 for presale and still € 10.06 for commissions. 
A fairly high cost if we compare it to the cost of a 5-day subscription that for 2018 is € 61.88 (58 + 1.50 + 2.38); obviously the organizers provide integrated services in the cost that should cover these expenses.


Nominative factor

The ticket, unlike all other types, will be NOMINATIVE and NOT TRANSFERABLE. Rightly being a VIP ticket must be nominative and since it will have specific services will not be transferable to other people.


Ticket, bracelet, pavilions, meetings

You will have a ticket with photos, and a unique bracelet for every day with a different color (the others have a bracelet of different color for each day). To obtain them you must present the voucher delivered at the time of purchase by email to the “Level Up Desk” which you will find at the Auditorium Pia Casa.
While for the pavilions you will have an exclusive row for you (most likely if you show the special bracelet immediately to the door lock will make you pass in front) and for the Pavilion Carducci and Napoleon a separate entrance.
For meetings, instead of having to go to the “Teatro Giglio” to book the chair the same day, you can book a week before the festival. 


Reserved areas and dedicated assistance

Like any self-respecting VIP ticket, you will have an area with access reserved for this type of ticket: in fact you will have 2 relaxation areas with cafeteria and cellular recharging connectors accessible only through the level UP. Also in these areas you will have access to the wardrobe, to the purchase deposit, to the package delivery courier, and an aperitif a day.
Another not less important factor are the private toilets: that is the bathrooms dedicated to the staff who are near the stands. Now they are not well where these baths are located for each stand (a map will be provided), but some could be inside buildings and not plastic cages.
Finally, car parking will be reserved and discounted.

Dedicated assistance via e-mail and telephone assistance during the days of the fair.


Meeting with Guests

This thing of meetings with guests is the most curious and different from other services: in fact you will have appointments with selected artists and guests of the fair, as you know every year in Lucca comics and games come several famous guests in their field; there are people who make files of 3 hours to get their autograph. So I think that for enthusiasts, having their idol at hand for an aperitif with only a small number of people could be an opportunity for life. Obviously you will not know the selected artists before buying the ticket …


In case of children in tow

“The Level Up Fans that accompanied with children under the age of 10, who normally have free access to the festival, will have access to the reserved areas and to the entrances dedicated also with the child.”
Recall that here we mean children under 10 years, if you have a child of 12 years probably will not be able to follow you in the restricted areas, unless he has a VIP ticket.


Services attached to the ticket (LISTA)

Services attached to the ticket (LISTA)…


Custom Badge

A badge will be created with your own photo and a badge holder made in collaboration with the costume designer, leather artist Gabriele Stazi. This subscription formula includes a single colored bracelet for the duration of the festival.

Access to the pavilions

All the hall entrances will have two regulated queues of our staff, the classic row and the one dedicated to the categories with priority access: Level Up fans, pregnant women and the disabled. The capacity of each pavilion is regulated by our staff. At the Carducci Pavilion and Napoleon there are dedicated entrances and are indicated in the map that will be sent to all Level Up Fans.

Book the meetings

Access to the main meetings of the festival is bound to the acquisition of a FREE ticket, almost always with numbered seats, distributed at the ticket office of the Teatro del Giglio from the day of the meeting. Level Up Fans will have the opportunity to book their seats at the main festival meetings in the weeks before the festival.

info online

From 6th August our staff will answer all the requests of the level up fans to the mail: levelup (at) luccacomicsandgames.com To this email you can send all the requests, suggestions and how much useful to make your experience of Lucca Comics & Games unique. Furthermore, a direct telephone assistance team will be organized for every day of the festival

Relax area

Two areas located in the center of the event to always have at hand a place to recharge for the festival. In these areas you can recharge your mobile phone, have a coffee together with the festival guests and get to know all the other Level Up Fans. In one of these two areas will be available many other services, such as wardrobe, a desk to send their purchases directly at home and even a daily appointment where you can meet the guests of the festival for an aperitif.

Private baths

The Level Up Fans will have access, in addition to the normal services for the public, to all the toilets reserved for accredited professionals (exhibitors and staff), in each of the Festival areas. The map of the reserved services will be provided to all the Level Up Fans and to access them it will be sufficient to show the badge to the surveillance personnel.

Breakfasts and aperitifs with guests

In the most beautiful places of the city and the event, the Level Up Fans can have breakfast with selected artists and in the evening have an aperitif and with some of the main authors of the Festival. To be able to participate in these unique opportunities to meet and exchange with the guests of Lucca Comics & Games, reservations will be required. The list of breakfasts and aperitifs to which it will be possible to participate will be published together with the program.

Spending at home

The Level Up Desk will be open all day, for all the days of the event, a pick-up and deposit service for your purchases. You can simply return to collect them before your departure, when it is more convenient, or take advantage of a facilitated shipping service. In this way, at a competitive rate, you can comfortably receive at home both the gadgets, books, games, comics you have purchased both the original tables or sketches, which will be carefully packed and shipped in secured mode.

Welcome Kit

At its Level Up Fan the Festival dedicates an exclusive bag that holds all the special editions created by Lucca Comics & Games: the Artbook of exhibitions, the games and comics created for the Project Contest and Unpublished Game prizes. Inside the bag, you will also find your personalized badge and the leather badge holder and a copy of your unique and unrepeatable poster. In addition, a surprise made specifically for the 500 Level Up Fan: an exclusive object that we are sure, you will be useful to collect the most memorable memories and go home reliving the unique experience of five days spent together with the greatest artists and authors of fantasy, play, fiction and fantastic illustration and cinema.

Discounted and reserved parking spaces

All Level Up Fans will be entitled to the reservation with a discounted price for the Festival car parks. After the purchase of the Level Up ticket, the dedicated assistant of Lucca Comics & Games will send you by e-mail the code to receive the parking discounts. The reservation can be made at any time by connecting to the site https://eventi.parcheggilucca.it/. Lucca Comics & Games will give you all the information to reach the Level Up area of ​​the Festival from the reserved parking lot.