We regret to inform all our visitors that this year we will not be able to realize the summarized information and news about new products for the current year of the Lucca Comics & Games Fair.

Not so will put the information on tickets, contests, workshops, maps, updates and news from the stands, events, guests, for the year 2016. The general information on how it is held (Fair section) will be maintained, but they will fixes for the year 2016.


Unfortunately, the complete lack of funding for our project forces us to stop and not being able to endure the continuous search routines and information from all sites that talk about it.

In addition, the official website has never really helped to obtain information: always put the news the last minute or miserable previews and distributed them on its website so not very organized; This attitude and the lack of a press card (because we are not an official newspaper) led us to having to scrape together the information between the various printing sites and the official website, having to follow every day the news and trends of Dovendole again be outlined in a quicker and immediate form in reading. Not only the information was difficult to collect, but it was changed in a few days without notice (as happened last year’s ticket).

Even today, now in September 2016, we have no official information on tickets if you do a countdown; and even the Press area for press releases is still 2015. And ‘disconcerting because the information on the fair of this magnitude are so poorly treated.

Therefore, carry all visitors to check that interests the official website www.luccacomicsandgames.com, remembering that the presale of tickets starts from early September and will have different ways (you do not know which), and that the official map and the program probably it will be released a week before the opening.