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What is good to know for the Fiera di Lucca C&G

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Better safe than suffer. Often new visitors have no idea what awaits them, and perhaps they would have preferred to be notified first. Long before!


The phone never work (but only until 2013!)


Until 2013, the first time that people come to the fair in Lucca Comics & Games and was trying to call friends to combine, he found himself with the classic message: “The number you have reached is not required.” The first impression one gets is that the friend has forgotten to charge your cell phone or it is somewhere underground. But when there was some need to contact them and an attempt was also 20 times in a row also sending 10 text messages without any response, he began to have a strong attraction all’incazzatura. Then after this agonizing feeling of agony and waiting mysteriously came a call from your friend who five minutes earlier had still off, and asks: “So where have you been”?

I personally am pissed off after 20 passes and attempts to telephone a friend who arrived on the appointed place and seeing a bit ‘altered tells me: “You could call me if you did not know when I would come.”
That’s because until 2013 it was best to avoid all situations in which it was necessary to “call” someone via phone.

EVERYTHING BUT THE 2014 ‘CHANGED: Yes, after 10 years in which 100 people of 400,000 could call and texting, now we got to 390,000 of 400,000. Moreover, even the waiting time of a missed call you are reduced to Type 8 hours to 10 minutes …

In the year 2014 we made a few small checks in the various areas of the fair and at peak times: From our studies we can say that quite approximate:

Thursday and Friday calls from mobile phones and the internet works 100%.
Saturday we found reading difficulties: at lunch the Internet has disappeared and the phone calls were not leaving. But meanwhile if our telephone call would not start, they could see another 10 people who were arguing quietly on his cell phone. We estimate that if the calls do not start you can try again after only a minute or maybe for safety after 10 minutes and should have almost certainly call on. The text messages (not those using internet) are almost always found and time when you ship. With regard to the internet could be the usability of 80% and goes in bursts depending on the time, however, in the case of lack of connection we estimate that returns active within 1 – 2 hours.
Sunday: the situation was slightly better on Saturday, blocking lunchtime did not occur openly and text messages have remained always usable and timely.

It must be said that of course this year are truly committed to improving communications in the period of the fair, most likely, however, they had to take advantage of more cells at the edge of town and then maybe a time where you had the hotel where the cell always working now you may find yourself with a cell occupied by a traffic of the same visitors.

We offer you a summary table of the tests (very coarse) regarding the use of mobile phones and the internet mobile.
(valuations are more subjective and objective)






Phone calls

100% 100% 70% 80%

SMS messages

100% 100% 100% 100%


100% 100% 50% 70%



The queues at the ticket are CRAZY!


On average a ticket has approximately 4/5 doors to sell tickets; calculating that put us at least one minute per person, to pass 50th 000 people (if not more), it takes 50°000 minutes, or 833.333 hours, or 34 days. But we have at least 4 doors  in 5 ticket stores or 34 days divided by 4 doors comes out one day disposal. Quiet, most likely 30.000 people have already bought the ticket online or take a subscription, you stay only a few hours in the queue.


it can be said that on Thursday and Friday which are not the bridge, the ticket offices are nearly empty or with a tail acceptable. Saturday and Sunday is categorical rather a long tail.

in the past two years, the purchase of prepaid tickets has increased more and more, leading to a slight improvement in the tail.

Seriously, there are several ways to deflect the actual queue at the ticket office:

  • Go to unsuitable times, early morning, late at night.
  • Take a subscription to every day, even in the above hours.
  • Go to a ticket out of hand, or further away from the fulcrum of the fair in Lucca Comics & Games.
  • Reserve tickets before the show: online or at an authorized site.

A caveat to the thing dedicated instead bracelets, which is in part compared to that of the ticket: it seems long, but is to be disposed very quickly.





The queues to the halls, strange and rough

The queues at the entrance hall, are a thing apart: first of all have to dispose of the observation of a single ticket + wristband that leads on average to a second person (if you have everything in sight), with usually 2 inspection staff . I can tell you from experience that in 2013 the queue at the entrance of the Game has become monstrously large and long, so that on a 100 meters there were 5 people in parallel on the row. To see us definitely would think that it will take a life before entering, but I was told that instead they are very fast and last less than half an hour. A similar are the queues to the Japan, which look huge but disposed of in less than an hour: so you see a queue and after a long time back and there’s more ….


At rush hour the main streets are clogged



How many times have you found yourself stuck in traffic? Here is absolutely worse! Not only for the storage of proportion of people, but also because you are not absolutely in a car, but squeezed between bodies and giant cosplay. Do not try to use main roads where you start to see a funnel of people, do not dare think of being able to cross the street clogged cutting it. If you want to live in peace, try to find alternate routes or if you can go and visit before something else. Do not stand still impaled already where people do not pass, because then you will be the cause of the problem!



The luggage of return are always much larger than the first leg

It ‘s almost impossible not do spare some gadgets or comic, so remember to leave space in your suitcase for purchases. You will think this is a stupid advice …. but then we’ll talk when you get back … Or … moderate purchases!


Where leave heavy luggage when you turn to the fair (Wardrobe)

guardaroba-il-tendoneFew, very few, they know that there is a cloakroom service for trade fair visitors. There are situations where you have to keep for a few hours following the case and this could be quite uncomfortable and exhausting if you’re visiting the spacious areas of the exhibition: to use this service baggage of the fair can be a convenient solution.


Wardrobe 2014

The wardrobe can vary from year to year but usually can be found near the headquarters of the Red Cross. In 2014 he appeared in the courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale (from the viewer in the door on the right)



The city police are celebrating with our fines

Do not rely on the hope that the policeman does not pass to control the card to the car park; I assure you that at least once a day will make their ride and control the blue car parks that surround the city. So be shrewd and pay the parking ticket. If not, look for the white stripes. Also …. the town and the fair organized every year a lot of parking spaces specifically for visitors (some connected with free shuttle). Even campers and busses have preferential parking specially arranged for them. Obviously you pay for parking daily; but what can you do ….

I would have preferred the comfortable shoes!


Now the fair is structured so that “you walk all day.” There is no escape, even the stands are so dilated that you put at least 10 minutes to go from one to another. Besides the many alternative routes, such as the beautiful walk along the walls, it increases the timing of additional minutes.

So in all possible cases, absolutely not think of putting uncomfortable shoes or with the heel. Used shoes already tested and ever “new”. We recommend sneakers or boots with soft soles.

Even the cosplayer should think to give up high heels, we strongly suggest alternatives shoes resembling the original, or a little tweaking chart so that they appear with the heel. Trust me, not worth having so bad for a detail …


Water, that passion!


The rain during the fair of Lucca Comics is a classic. There are few years with a bright sun and a few drops usually always it comes out. So rule number one is to bring an umbrella!

Rule number two is, in case you have not, buy an umbrella in a store and not from street vendors: I had the experience of a forced purchase from vendors and for 5 Euros my umbrella lasted 10 minutes! then you are stumped and half umbrella he left. So for some figures you should buy one that lasts at least seriously the 4 days of the fair and not disgraced those 5 or more bucks for something already broken.

Rule number 3, better than half an umbrella or a waterproof jacket. Apart raincoats ranging from below the knees or cloaks, the umbrella is more convenient because if it is down a shower drain as two years ago, the jacket, the pants and the shoes will not be wet. And not to be able to repair speriate under a stand: the possibility that you are the first to enter is relatively low, so you will be queued “outside”.

The savings a year as butterflies fly away in just four days

By now we know that the fairs the money spent on purchases disappear in a flash and Lucca possibly earlier. Remember that the ticket does not have debit or credit cards, and after 10 years of success they have not yet implemented; already here and if you buy a subscription 50in € van on. Then the stands, especially those who develop high figures have an ATM inside, but because of the overhead lines wife of the fair, for most of the day will not work (statistically we can say that 80% of ATMs will not work at peak val Friday onwards; it seems that in the games focuses 20% of the ATM functional ….).

But do not worry, if you make a withdrawal in the many ATMs in the area, you should have no problems; although certainly I consider the possibility that they have a monetary stocks last Saturday and Sunday. (Which has happened to us a few years ago).

As for the theft of liquids in Lucca C & G, I really do not you ever let alone any accident I heard rumor going around. But you can never guarantee, there’s always a first time.


Lost Property Finding them or recover them


Every year they make the account of lost items that are always enough of them; among the usual lost items are mobile phones and small accessories cosplay, but of course no shortage of expensive products such as cameras. Fortunately the town of Lucca has a service for lost items that may be required within one year (unless the laws are changed).

For the procedure for withdrawal followed explanations to municipal website of Lucca, while the delivery of lost objects you can go by the municipal police or Bursar’s office


For more information about it you can read the section dedicated to this topic


Fair and children: the little doubts of adolescence

Like all regular exhibitions there are particular differences between minors and adults. Common sense is the parent who must be at its discretion knows if the child is able to stand alone, together with friends of the same age or with escorts more adults.

The fair officer still considers small children under the age of 10 years and this offers a special discount for children. Beyond that age minors must pay as a normal adult. For children, the fair is a lovely area of ​​education and social game in the Family palace (among other free).

Ticket to the payment is made only through money liquid and does not require any identity card. The entrance hall is required just the ticket and bracelet associate left the ticket.

For the cosplay contest, performed on stage events, is required recordings by a guardian for the minor, but otherwise there are no payments to participate.

At about safety on the streets, the crowd of wild dreamers and cheerful masks makes the city really serene and safe. There is a lot of cosplay that can not simply transmit joy. Then there are the “inhabitants of the city” that in the snort and laugh living their everyday day in remote and quieter; then there are the normal visitors busy taking pictures, watching gadgets and fun! And then we have vendors that are obviously on their location and the vendors that unfortunately are not legalized in any city, in any activity with a large crowd. Even in the evening / night environment it is very peaceful and not at all disturbing, obviously if we omit the dragon’s lair beneath the walls (for players GRV).

Here, then, my dear minors, there is nothing stopping you from living with pleasure the fair; but if you want to party I suggest you find at most 2 or 3 friends and visit it together. It knows that in the company there is always more fun.

And do not forget your parents! The fair of Lucca C & G is a good therapy to stress and boredom; if you do not have a particular distaste for games, comics or Japan can spend great days on the adventure of stand unique, entertaining and for the more adventurous the feeling of being a real cosplayer. The air of joy and serenity is perceptible even to them that in the frenzy of work and be good parents can lose over time the joy of the child within them.

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