Renato Genovese

Renato Genovese

Fair open until 09 pm for Saturday  day. Ticket prices with different costs depending on the week day. These are the first signs of the new ideas that the organization of the fair is considering to Lucca in 2015.

The site AnimeClick  proposes a statement directed to the stands and written by the same director of Lucca Comics & Games Renato Genovese. This document is intended to explain the innovations planned for 2015 Lucca.


We report here the press for information purposes.

(The translation is given by site and not literal. ) 


Dear Friends, kind Exhibitors
the 2014 edition of Lucca Comics & Games ended with an extraordinary success that is to confirm (if it was needed) that this event is the undisputed event of the year for the world of communication for Images and Game, with a positive trend that is exceeding all expectations.
The Revolution announced it worked and the new location have enjoyed an enthusiastic audience and the numerous wherever we have identified: changes and transformations that have occurred in recent years have found, therefore, confirms that some small sacrifices were needed.
Some inconvenience, however, there have been – both for the public and for some exhibitors – since the last edition has enjoyed (or suffered) an “excess of success” on Saturday, November 1: the combination of a day normally crowded of the four, and the feast has generated a turnout exceeding all expectations.
In this 2015, then, we must equip ourselves to eliminate or at least minimize the problems found, without upsetting the system and the project that have worked so well and which are among the most imitated in our industry: “We look at what makes Lucca and then we do too. Maybe on a smaller scale.”
Beyond new locations already identified or in the process of individuation, the perspective is that of consumer traffic on Thursdays and Fridays, debunking the risky full house on Saturday and – since it is also 1 November – Sunday: differentiation policy of ticketing, promotional activities and more space. For the sabbath day, also, there will be an extension of opening hours of the halls until 21, so as to allow an influx to the stands more diluted, in the interest of the public and exhibitors of you: if all are serene working better .
Thank you for your attention and I wish you a Lucca Comics & Games 2015 more satisfying than ever. For our part, we are confident that, once again, will be an issue at the highest level!
Renato Genovese
Director Lucca Comics & Games