At less than 19 days, here is the official map of the Lucca comics & games fair for 2018. This year the map came out well in advance, as it was usually only a week before.


The maps for the fair




(official for smartphone)


Inconsistencies: good early delivery, bad some small incongruity with the map of the municipality. We checked the 2 maps to better organize our road map and we found small inconsistencies. For example, the japan welcome desk is positioned on a ramp down the cars in the official map, while in the municipality on the lawn. In addition, in the interactive one, clicking on it is the ticket office name, while the welcome desk selection list is selected. We know that it will only be a welcome desk, but in the meantime someone could get confused. Then there are the parking lots marked on the interactive map only with icons. Parking C, fruit and vegetable market is positioned above a roof; unusual thing since the parking map (even in past years) shows the parking lot on the left uncovered. We have also noticed that a round symbol called “Escape Room” is definitely far from the city, outside; we wonder if they are wrong or they want to advertise an activity present all year round in that area (it is a new icon compared to last year).

The entire PDF map is missing: the interactive (limited interactive) version has only been used in recent years, whereas before there was an image version that practically represented the paper map that released at the fair. Great to use digital, but the paper map? Already it was not easy to find it last year looking among the little buttons of the digital map, but now there ‘NO OWN! or rather, you have a list of mini maps and no total map. This choice is telling us that this year the paper maps are gone? Are they so confident that internet connections will work all the time for visitors or are they simply not going to spend more on paper ?! Of course, all these questions will remain unanswered, but we still find it risky not to release the printed pdf, as the possibilities of internet problems and battery consumption are always around the corner.

Research exhibitors misunderstands from time to time: we tried to put the text “infinity” with all the filters off, and it came out nothing. Strange because there is a nice logo on the map, then we used “tim” with a nice logo on the left; but nothing. With the third attempt, “nintendo” then a result came. We ask ourselves what kind of research can we offer if not all the elements are marked.