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30/10 - 3/11<< fiera
10/12 - 3/11<< mostre
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Lucca for year

TICKET SALES Lucca Comics from 29 July 2019

The official website has let us know in these days that the presale for the Lucca Comcis & Games 2019 fair will start on 29 July 2019. Detailed information on this year’s tickets have not yet been included, but in

Release dates for Lucca Comics & Games 2019

About fifteen days have passed and the organization of the fair, Lucca Crea, has released the official dates for the next year, 2019. There had been some doubts about the choice to continue using a formula for 5 days, even

Exit the official Map Lucca comics 2018

At less than 19 days, here is the official map of the Lucca comics & games fair for 2018. This year the map came out well in advance, as it was usually only a week before.   The maps for

A new type of TICKETS for Lucca 2018: “Level UP” Fan

E’ un abbonamento di 5 giorni (tutti i giorni di fiera) con poteri speciali! Ne saranno emesso solo 500, e all’abbonamento ordinario aggiunge una serie di servizi e opportunità riservate ai Level Up Fan.

Exits DATES Lucca Comics & Games Festival 2018

This year you did not wait! they have already given the official dates for the Lucca comics 2018 fair. It is surely the first time they officially post dates just after the end of the Lucca C & G show,

Here! the Lucca 2017 MAP

    MAP VERSIONS Map .JPG format for screen(3MB) Map .PDF for printing version Google map with icons and filter online  

Releases the Lucca Comics & Games dates to the year 2017

2017 Fair period:        November 1  – November 5 Period Exhibitions:        October 14  – November 5  

LuccaFan for comics in 2016, any updates due to lack funds!

We regret to inform all our visitors that this year we will not be able to realize the summarized information and news about new products for the current year of the Lucca Comics & Games Fair. Not so will put


Releases the Lucca Comics & Games dates to the year 2016

  Releases dates to the year 2016 of Lucca C&G.   2016 Fair period: October 28 to November 1 Exhibition Period: October 15 to November 1   The official site Lucca Comics & Games no particular information, file it in the

Release map Lucca 2015 Official!

You can download the map directly from the official website at this link    

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