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Illustrations of the Theme Park Ghibli created by Takumi

In Tokyo, in the district of Mikata, already has a museum dedicated to the world Ghibli who collects sketches and storyboards and many various sculptures dedicated to the most beloved films of the study. But in this museum will never

Live2D announces development of Live2D Euclid

NEWS RELEASE, December 24th, 2014 Live2D announces development of Live2D Euclid Omni-directional 2D CG technology that animates illustrations 360° realtime Tokyo, Japan, December 24th, 2014 – Live2D Inc. today announces development of Live2D Euclid, the next generation of its proprietary


As we told you, a few weeks ago our friend Ciali (in Kawaiiland) held a workshop during the last edition of Lucca Comics and Games. At the event, she talked about shopping and in particular about the best stores in which

50 items you can to spruce up your bento lunchbox now at Lucca Comics

The Bento, who in our country would have packed lunches at school, is very popular in Japan and is mainly used by students to have a homemade lunch to eat in the classroom. The massive use of Japanese packed lunch

Kobito Dukan: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dwarfs

These human-looking dwarfs are somewhat grotesque, yet also endearingly beautiful. “Kimokawaii” is all the rage in Japan. It’s a term used to describe something that’s at once grotesque and also endearingly beautiful, a concept that is quite popular among young

Amazing papercraft Totoro house has 1,800 roof tiles, immeasurable love for Ghibli

While the house is definitely a bit of a fixer-upper, I think most anime fans who’ve watchedMy Neighbor Totoro have occasional daydreams about living in the quiet, peaceful country house into which main characters Mei and Satsuki move during the movie. Of course most of us