Passione per la fiera Lucca Comics

30/10 - 3/11<< fiera
10/12 - 3/11<< mostre
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Parking for the fair Lucca comics


  • huttle parking from Polo Fiere Sorbano localized to the walkway to the ticket station forecourt Risorgimento
  • Shuttle parking from Luna Park (Cut) at the ticket Comics (not defined).


Cost of the shuttle from the parking lot to the ticket: it should be integrated in the cost of parking.




Lease parking momentary (they will all be equipped with shuttle service to the fair):


  • Parking at the Polo Fiere (Sorbano) [Via Vitricaia] – With Shuttle – Directorate SOUTH -1400 covered parking spaces (opening 8:00 and 24:00) no camper / no buss
  • Parking space Via Mattei – With Shuttle – Directorate SOUTH (Near the parking Polo Fairs Sorbano)
  • Parking butchery + Filzi [Via Public Slaughterhouses] – SOUTH Direction 
  • Parking LunaPark [Via Cut to Mark’s] – With Shuttle – NORTH Direction + CAMPER 
  • Parking Palatucci [Via S. Anna Cut] – With Shuttle – Directorate WEST approximately 600 cars
  • Parking Luporini – Directorate WEST BUS +
  • Hospital Parking – Directorate EST
  • Parking Lorenzini [Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi] – inside the walls
  • Parking Mazzini (underground) [Via Bacchettoni] –
  • Parking Red Cross – With Shuttle –


Cost for the temporary parking of the fair:


5 euro per day (regardless of the number of passengers)


Luna Park in the parking lot of the square Arrigoni and in the adjoining via the Cut will be set up to stop the payment, while the disc will be time in the area closer to the cemetery to allow parking on the feast of Sts.


Cost of the shuttle from the parking lot to the ticket: it should be integrated in the cost of parking.


PARKING Bus Tours for large groups:


  • Outbuildings Vaibus – only for groups that participate in the events within 25-30 seats
  • Driveway parking Luporini – The bus will have to park along the street.




  • Parking ViaTagliate Luna Park – The camper will have to park in this parking lot, made ​​a doch for this need.




“Since the beginning of October we are developing this plan – said the Councillor Francis Raspini security – because we want to solve the problems encountered in recent years, avoiding the congestion of the boulevards and the queues that have an impact on the highway at the exit Lucca Est “. The response will give you the facts: the City, however, has given the green light to the project, which will be realized in the installation of temporary signs to indicate parking recommended depending on the direction of arrival in the city. “It ‘s crucial – said the commissioner Francesca Pierotti – the prior information and that is why we are providing a clear signage so as to separate traffic flows to minimize the inconvenience. The manifestation of the Lucca Comics puts at the center and it is for this reason that we are trying to solve problems related in particular to stop. “


Data taken under Article viability of Lucca in 2013 issued by the municipality