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28/10 - 01/11<< Festival
15/10 - 01/11<< Mostre
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The knowledge of good visitor

We have knowledge that even a visitor decades of the fair does not know. Learn everything you need to know to visit the fair and make good buys.


Lost Property

Put where and where to pick them
The fair of Lucca C&G is very big and busy, why not lacking items lost in abundance. So it is important to know where and how to return them to request the return.


Anti Bootleg

Rules to unmask false Action Figure
And ‘increasingly common phenomenon of action figures and gadgets sold counterfeit inexperienced eyes and the market of fake is enlarging every day thanks to the abundant money leading this type of scam. Lucca C&G is not delivered to this risk, so it is good to train your eye to a careful analysis of the product!



Other information on the fair
Other information on the fair Lucca 2017