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Works for the Festival

Exits DATES Lucca Comics & Games Festival 2018

This year you did not wait! they have already given the official dates for the Lucca comics 2018 fair. It is surely the first time they officially post dates just after the end of the Lucca C & G show,

Here! the Lucca 2017 MAP

    MAP VERSIONS Map .JPG format for screen(3MB) Map .PDF for printing version Google map with icons and filter online  

Release map Lucca 2015 Official!

You can download the map directly from the official website at this link    

Prevendita online biglietti lucca comics 2015

Open the online advance 2015 …. with some difficulties!

We have reached the fateful day and the presales are active. Too bad that after one hour of opening the system is blocked for some reason. Obviously they retouched the FAQ again, but with all modifichine cabbage is no longer

biglietti lucca comics & games 2015

Update tickets August 28, 2015

The website makes no exceptions in complicate our lives this year. And ‘understandable desire to give us the news before the advance of all new mechanisms, but go out with 4 upgrades including two very close and contradictory does not

biglietti lucca comics & games 2015

Updates on tickets 2015: pre-physical, shuttle schedules, mode group, etc.

New innovations disclosed in page requests on tickets on the official site.   Activated the Advance Tickets Physical The most important change is of course Advance physics, understood as the ability to purchase the advance online through a physical store.

Released costs and types of tickets for Lucca comics 2015

Here come out of thin air ticket prices and related types! Tickets Lucca comics 2015 costiCome anticipated the cost varies from day to day and the types are changing slightly: while the low is usable only in 2 days 4

Limitation to tickets sold for Lucca comics & games festival 2015: They did really!

Today the official website of Lucca Comics and Games 2015 has been renewed. Like every year changed layout of the site and added some new features. Among the new pages appeared a notice regarding ticket sales. AND YES, THERE WILL BE ‘LIMITING THE

First acts of Lucca C&G Revolution : letter from the Director Renato Genovese

Fair open until 09 pm for Saturday  day. Ticket prices with different costs depending on the week day. These are the first signs of the new ideas that the organization of the fair is considering to Lucca in 2015. The site AnimeClick  proposes a


Since 8000 residents to 400,000 visitors: how to run a similar influx of people in the historic center of a medieval town? Receive and gladly publish the report of the organization, operational tools and critical during the Lucca Comics &

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